Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a reason to dance around...

You can enter to win this original Peace Owl Dancing to Record Player painting! I did my first interview/ giveaway for 10 One World Blog. A winner will be selected on 5/5 so hurry over and leave a comment on her blog for your chance to win this painting. A great painting to hang on the wall so you always have a dancing partner. ♥


Soné said...

how nice of you to join my blog :)
i like that your a dreamer 2! i can totally relate! i dream and dream! ! better to dream than to be stuck in an empty room of thoughts!

Rachel said...

[sorry, had to delete my other comment because it had a typo, and I'm OCD about those things]

I know I don't usually comment, but I do enjoy reading your blog.. I'm just a bit shy.

I love the way people can see your personality in the things you create. Your paintings feel very happy and free-spirited.

I came across your blog, because you had "Owls" listed as one of your interests. They really are some of the most beautiful birds. I adore all kinds of owls, especially ones that love music, dancing, and peace :)

Jen said...

Thanks so much for doing this great giveaway on my blog! I hope you have fun with it!

Leigh said...

Unbelievably cute! Heading over to enter.

So glad you stopped by Constant Cravings. xoxo!