Friday, September 25, 2009

congrats to TWO daisies

peace on flickr
The Good Things Happen in Two Giveaway winners are these two daisies: Living Reflections of a Dream and Giovanna! A big congrats to these daisies! Both of these ladies are filled with sunshine and love. I always enjoy there blog posts, they are filled with inspiration. Win or lose you are all lovely in my book. I will do more of these giveaways and hopefully you will win the next time around. Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and fun!
Peace & Love.


Giovanna ♥ said...

Thank you sooo much Rachel!!! Yayyyyy!! I can't believe it! It's the first time I win a giveaway! :)
You're super sweet! I'm so happy because I love your beautiful work! Thank you so much :)
I'll be sending you my info by email
Have a wonderful weekend!

Living Reflection of a Dream said...

Like I just said in the email I sent you, WOW!! Thank you ever so much Rachel, really. I've never won a giveaway before so this is awesome.
I'm thrilled to be getting your lovely work through the post. It can definitely sit pride of place on my dressing table.

Hope you got the email and have a wonderful weekend.


Talisa said...

I love the piece sign!!

Velo said...

nice to know ur blog, ;)
i like the first photo.

CC said...

Love the peace sign with the daisies! :)


JordanMayTwigs said...

Congrats to the two winners!!!
To sad that I wasn't one. :(
But I hope there will be a next time!!

Also I was stopping by to say that I am having a blog sale Monday - Sunday!!
Lots of Hippie Chic cloths.
And jewelery!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

.P.S. ::
If there is anything on my blog sale that you are interested in.
We can do a swap of sorts if you'd like!!
I'd love to own some of your art work.


Samantha said...

ah congrats girls, you laidies deserve, two of my fave blogs!

of course your under the catagory with the best of the best, your atwork is very inspiring and beautiful!

tammy smith said...

I love the pic of your tent setup at the show--it looks so wonderfully colorful. I could see your peace images on lots of things if you chose to do that with them!

a. said...

aww that daisy peace looks such soo great. lovely idea.