Monday, November 29, 2010

Peace Owl Sale - Set some FREEEE

I am having a Sale in my Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things Etsy Shop today! At checkout enter this magical code: PEACEOWLSALE and you will receive 15% off your purchase. Enjoy!
Peace, love & holiday cheer!


With Love, Jamie said...

Ah, my paypal is so SLOW getting my money to me that I transfered like a week ago!! :(
I've been waiting for it to come through so I can buy those 2 prints! I really hope they are still available, the money is supposed to clear today...

rachel is a dreamer said...

dont worry jamie, i will put those 2 prints aside for you. send me a message if they are not in the shop for any reason when it clears. im happy to send them to you. ill put an extra surprise too. <3 <3 <3

With Love, Jamie said...

My money is supposed to clear today! So i'm just waitin'...
You are the sweetest blog friend ever! :) :)
Thank you Rachel!

flaming hag folkwear said...

Will you be making any more of your mushroom bud vases? I always meant to snag one, and now I see there aren't any in your shop :(
Take care

rachel is a dreamer said...

hello buddy! i do have some mushroom flower vases at home. i tote them to craft shows locally so i don't have them in the shop. i can take a pic of the ones i have now and do a special listing for you if you'd like. <3 love!

Giovanna ♥ said...

This is very lovely! Thanks for sharing dear!
PS: I’m having a lovely Giveaway on my blog, you’re more than welcome to participate here: Boho Market Giveaway

naomuack said...

your blog is lovely !
and the forest party is amazing !
i hope be there and i wanna drink tea with you <3

Abby said...

nawww I need a job! so I can purchase some peace owl love!! I will as soon as I get one!

and that below post picture in the forest on golly its magical! I want to go to there!


lesinfin said...

Hi Rachel!
I found you through boho magazine and am loving your peace owls! (I added your button to my blog :)