Friday, August 31, 2012

love note to my dear blog

photo of me and my mini longboard i painted retro flowers on, costa rica aug 2012
what has happened here dear blog place. i see x's on what used to be photos. maybe you are acting up from my neglect. i do love you dear blog. i just am slow to post. don't lose hope i will add some loving posts to you one day. as this is one, just a little one. for now you can visit me on Tumblr or Pinterest. But i will always love you dear blog, don't worry.
peace & love
Update: I put a bandaid on you for now. updated some of the pics that turned to x's below. you should be feeling much better soon. love!


Leticia said...

hope you get your blog back soon! we´ll be waiting for some colorful owls and lots of flowerpower, babe! ;)

Bohemian Kate said...

Just found your blog and I think it's adorable...hope you post again soon :)

Nichole said...

i can see the photo for this post, but the rest have exclamation points! regardless, your words are quite nice.