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i'd like to introduce you to my new kitty dandelion. i rescued her on earth day. a litter of 8 was found near a familys house that stopped at my work looking for the humane society. they had me hold dandelion and we fell in love. she is a happy addition to my home. ♥

Oh Happy Day Earth Day SALE till Friday: Peace Owl art on wood

Earth Day SALE: Peace Owl art on wood, originally uploaded by rachellovespeace. I am having an Earth Day SALE in my Etsy shop! All paintings done on wood will be $5 cheaper on Earth Day April 22. The sale prices will go back to original prices Friday April 24th. Happy Earth Day! Don't forget to celebrate Earth Day every day. ♥

music man

why can't he always sit at the end of my bed and play his guitar as i sleep?

dear bonnaroo music & art festival,

the thought of not seeing you this summer has been making me blue. a summer without you would be like a summer with out sunshine. i do believe we will be making a road trip to see you but it will be shorter than usual. we have road tripped to see you the last 3 summers. i don't want to lose you.
love you,