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all you need is LOVE

saturday was Sean Murdock's Summer of Love Festival at The Bubble (IWAN) Fort Lauderdale. It was a magical event with inspiration from Woodstock and the 60s and Peace and Love and Music. Love was all around, happy faces, twirlling, hoola hooping, admiring, and inspiring. It was a beautiful event. The show was put on by Sean Murdock who is a talented photographer, he creates amazing images on large pieces of wood using an alternative printing techinique. He then paints them in vibrint colors. Some pop even more with 3-d glasses and look really sweet in the groovy black light room they set up during the show. The event had a few other artists and vendors outside. I had fun making my Peace Owl fort area with some help from my twin sis with Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends. I hung some of my floral sheets from the roof for a nice gypsy fort and filled the tables with some crafty treasures. I also had fun making a TeePee!!! at this show. With the help of Sean we managed to make a big te…