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green grass, cardboard and beansprout

i love packaging purchases from my etsy shop. this peace owl riding bike print is on its way to missie in indiana. its a slow time for my etsy shop so this was a nice surprise. i am getting ready for festivals Raindance and Stitch Rock and do have new items but am holding off on doing updates to my etsy shop until after the festivals but if you see anything posted here and want one let me know and i can list it. :)
p.s. i took these photos with my new camera that i am in love with. it is really tiny its called beansprout. you can clip it on your key ring or bag its that small. it is also cheap only about $10. the pictures aren't top quality but i like the look. it is great for a handy little camera. i often don't carry a bag and just want something small so it's great for me. and it's water resistant. so you can play in the rain with it.

hello kitty cats

my kitten dandelion has some new kitty friends and flower power to decorate the door. i found these wall stickers at a store called big lots.

i'd like to be under the sea

here are some photos from my weekend cruise to the bahamas. it was a fun little getaway. lots of sunshine, family and fun.

i wish i could pack my kitten dandelion

i'm leaving for my mini cruise to the bahamas. dandelion will have to stay home. she's not a big fan of the outdoors yet. or the water. i will be back home monday.
i've got a growing mushroom vase garden and painted some new 'try to be free tree' paintings. busy getting ready for Raindance Music & Art Festival and Stitch Rock Indie Craft Fair also a needed etsy shop update.
have a lovely weekend!!

fireworks in the sky like diamonds

have a lovely fourth of july! peace, love and freedom!