i'd like to introduce you to my new kitty dandelion. i rescued her on earth day. a litter of 8 was found near a familys house that stopped at my work looking for the humane society. they had me hold dandelion and we fell in love. she is a happy addition to my home. ♥


jess gonacha said…
oh, good heavens! that is just the sweetest kitty i've ever seen! (well, maybe tied with my own kitty.) :) you must feel so lucky to have found her!
chloejessica said…
Dandelion is so cute! I just hope her and Chloe become best friends! :)
so very cute and snuggly...swooning over her!xo
allstarme717 said…
yes, she is pretty awesome :)
Abigail Leigh said…
Oh, she is a super cutie!!!! And I love the name.
Beautiful kitty and great story!
Bellissima said…
Oh my gosh - she's gorgeous! And what a great name! I'm so glad you've found one another!
omg i love cats.
soo pretty and cute.
Estela said…
awwww dandelion is precious and I bet is happy to have a good home!!

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