welcome again // surfy birdy blog

bringing this old blog back to life for my new website I was going to start a new blog but figured might as well bring these old posts along as it has all been apart of my art journey. sorry i took a break from blogging about it for a few years but my love for the sea took over i spend most days chasing waves and doing odd jobs to pay for my tiny home but i am working on a better balance now. so here we go. the older posts are mainly from when i was doing art as peace owl forest, i started out painting live at open grass festival in delray and from there did many hippie music festivals in florida, and worked at independent working artist network they became family and i created art and danced around there often. since i started i always mixed in some surf art but after a few years i got more hooked on surfing and started to just focus more on that and my serious case of wanderlust. i've had some great adventures over the years and have traveled some fun places. …

Cheers to new beginnings // happy 2015 birdys

well here we are a new year again and i hardly posted in this blog space all year! sorry for that but i think this here may be my very last post here. not because I don't love you but it's time for a change. I am opening up a brand new site and I will do future blog posts there along w other fun stuff. this blog will remain here as it is a old friend that i will forever cherish. It has been there for me to write and share photos with you since the beginning when I first stepped out into the art world in 2009. great memories have been shared here. but thats all besides the point. i'm here to do a new years post. 2014 was a great year for me. i finally took a leap and started following my dreams more. I no longer work in that dreaded office space that I wrote about each new year as I resolved to escape it each year and it never quite worked out until now. not that what I am doing is ideal it is working for me right now, the not working part. I am focusing…

introducing surfy birdy new adventure of peace owl forest

ok so it has come time for a little change in my art world. i see myself drifting away from the peace owl character more and more and painting what is in my heart more and more and that is the sea and surfing. Don't worry the peace owl is not going away he is just one part of my art and my heart so you will still see him but my main focus will be surf art and inspirational quote art, as I have been doing. I want to continue to spread peace & love but with lots of stoke mixed in. I hope you like the direction I am heading and I hope you continue to inspire me to do what I do with the sharing of your smiles & joy. I am starting the change of name with my instagram which was hello_birdy the new name is now: surfybirdy. So if you are on instagram you can start by following me there. This name will be incorporated with my new shirts I have printed and the new artwork to come. enjoy & stay stoked.
Surfy Birdy aka Peace Owl Forest
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farewell 2013 hello 2014

well there it goes, 2013 has come and gone. it went by quickly and while i didn't quite do all that i dreamed of it was still quite nice. and what i am most thankful for in the past year are definatly my buddies. it was my first year living on my own, no roommates just me and my shelly dingo. i live in a cute little treehouse like home and it fits perfect for me and my dog but sometimes its lonely but i have some great friends to adventure with. my last rommate is off traveling the world and i am so happy for her and hope to go visit her this year too. my twin sister is pregnant! and will be having a little baby girl in march this year. lots of changes are going on around and as much as i always never want to grow up its happening and i should start going with it some too. maybe one day ill find a boyfriend and do some traveling in a vw van. this year has been filled with lots of ocean time, surfing, beaching, sunshine, seashells & sea treasures, bike rides, boat rides, road …

introducing my Society 6 shop & a Sale :)

hello blog land, sorry i have not posted here in a bit, i do still love you always. you were with me since the beginning. anyways i have been posting on my facebook art page, tumblr & instagram: hello_birdy. but thats besides the point. i wanted to share with you my peace owl forest society 6 shop. this shop is different then my etsy shop, this site has artists upload designs and they print and ship them. you can get my artwork on fun things like baby onsies, kids shirts, adult shirts, tote bags, pillows and mugs. I will eventually have some of these done locally as well. but this site is really neat and uses great printing methods & products. check it out & here is a special sale: Use this link: and you will get $5 off each item & free worldwide shipping! offer expires sunday december 8th
peace & love!! happy holiday times birdys!!

my flower child // new longboard

i'd like you to meet my new flower child. 9 ft longboard shaped by bird surfboards. i had fun painting this birdy. got it in the water this weekend. love it! support your local shaper

DC Digital photos of my art

I wanted to share some photos my good buddy and talented photographer, Drew Cornwall, took of my larger paintings for me. i stopped by his front yard after a little surf sesh and he snapped these for me. just like that such crisp photos with a great simple style and pop of color with the paintings. you can see more of his works here DC Digital along with other neat stuffs. he is also known to rock the ukulele and spread smiles. You can also follow his photography & ukulele jams on his instagram at: generalcornwallis. Enjoy! peace & love
ps. new prints & other stuffs coming soon