i wish i could pack my kitten dandelion

i'm leaving for my mini cruise to the bahamas. dandelion will have to stay home. she's not a big fan of the outdoors yet. or the water. i will be back home monday.
i've got a growing mushroom vase garden and painted some new 'try to be free tree' paintings. busy getting ready for Raindance Music & Art Festival and Stitch Rock Indie Craft Fair also a needed etsy shop update.
have a lovely weekend!!


chloejessica said…
I love Dandelion in the suitcase! I can't wait to be in the Bahamas!! YAY!
Lucky girl! That trip would be too fun. I would want to bring Dandelion along too. I hope your trip is amazing. xoxo
wish i could fit in that suitcase for the bahamas! have a lovely trip.
love the be free tree
Anonymous said…
very cute
Abigail Leigh said…
Awe, she's so cute...my cat does that. Dandelion looks like she's gotten bigger since your first pic of her....so super cute.
Adele said…
OH MY GOODNESS dandelion is such a darling!! and she has the prettiest name (: Aramis and her should meet, they might just fall in love! have fun on your cruise, sounds amazing (: xx
a. said…
have fun there. and dandelion is such a cute and the name. aww.
allstarme717 said…
she's a cute kitten indeed, i get to take care of her while her mom is in the bahamas :)
becks said…
Oh gosh! Call me a blur toad or slow but I thought Dandelion and Chloe were both Jessica's but now I know Dandelion is yours. Dandelion looks really unique... What breed is she?

Bahamas looks like so much fun from your pictures!
oh my goodness//your work is great! love all the mushies! I have a huge collection I've been working on since my early college days love love what you have going!

hope your having the time of your life selling these goodies at festivals!

jess s///
w. said…
your mushroom jars are clearly the most awesome thing ever!

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