all you need is LOVE

saturday was Sean Murdock's Summer of Love Festival at The Bubble (IWAN) Fort Lauderdale. It was a magical event with inspiration from Woodstock and the 60s and Peace and Love and Music. Love was all around, happy faces, twirlling, hoola hooping, admiring, and inspiring. It was a beautiful event. The show was put on by Sean Murdock who is a talented photographer, he creates amazing images on large pieces of wood using an alternative printing techinique. He then paints them in vibrint colors. Some pop even more with 3-d glasses and look really sweet in the groovy black light room they set up during the show. The event had a few other artists and vendors outside. I had fun making my Peace Owl fort area with some help from my twin sis with Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends. I hung some of my floral sheets from the roof for a nice gypsy fort and filled the tables with some crafty treasures. I also had fun making a TeePee!!! at this show. With the help of Sean we managed to make a big teepee and i painted it during the show. It was really fun and now it now is camped out at The Bubble for awhile. I plan on a sleep over soon. We made it nice and cozy with a blanket and pillow inside. Some of the other vendors/ artists at the show were HoopRage, Undergrounds Coffeehaus, Rosa Mia Hernandez, Just Because by Lee Lee, The Hemp Butterfly, Holly Wilson, Time-Peace, Gopi Bliss, Just V, It's Me Designs, Funk Yard Thrift (and more!). This show was really fun and also had great 60s vibe'd music. During one song my friend Evan had me come up and sing Give Peace a Chance with him. It was really fun dancing around and singing that song (one of my favs). Not that I have a good singing voice but in the moment it was magical. Much love goes to The Bubble family. They continue to bring magic to the art and music scene in Fort Lauderdale. I am very happy to have The Bubble in my home town and for the love that continues to grow from inside that warehouse turned art/ music bubble. You can see many more photos from the summer of love here. ♥
Peace & Love!


Rachel Beyer said…
LOVE your teepee! And your booth looks awesome too! Looks like so much fun ♥
Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I was just thinking of putting up a teepee in our backyard :)

Take care.
JordanMayTwigs said…
This makes me want to make a teepee now!!

I LOVE summer festivals! Beautiful pics, darling! That tee pee is soooooo perfect! I wanna crawl in there and listen to Fleetwood Mac all day long! ;) peace!
heylila said…
wow I just found your blog, reading it makes me so happy :)
I paint too, so please check out my blog

bisous & peace,
Tonya said…
This looks amazing! Great job on the teepee and booth! I wish there were events like this around were I live. And I also LOVE your dress!!
Samantha said…
aw rachel you live such a magical and colorful life<3
katie daisy said…
I want to meet you!! You are so inspiring.
I love the decor! That looks like it was so much fun!
Milla said…
Just found your blog through Nicole and love your spirit that shines so brightly through. What a sweet, blessed gathering. It reminds me bit of the Okanagan Family Fair to which we go each year. Count me as a follower!
Peace, Love and Safe Journeys and Bright Blessings.
viviane said…
love your blog, so cute and inspiring :)
~Haley~ said…
WOW, love your teepee! Florida's scene is so much more amazing for music festivals and weekends! I'm up here in Ohio and that just looks like heaven to me!!!

Anyways, hi, I'm Haley ~ new follower! Loving the peace owls!


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