i wish i was still in paradise

i am back home from costa rica. it was beautiful. i will miss this sunrises, palm trees, fresh fruits, avacado, bannana smoothies, shell walks with sisters, little sister saying 'i am gonna fall in love with him' about every other boy she saw, waves, warm water, sunshine, surfing with dad and rick, zip lines through the rainforest, waterfalls, climbing to the top of the waterfall, bicyles, friendly dogs, mountains, free birds, wild horses, coffee con leche with mom and sis, sand castels, black beans and crackers, sunsets, feathers and uno. i will miss all that and more. costa rica is a lovely place i wish my home was more like it. People really work together there always lending a helping hand and working together as a community. Also the main transportation is by bike. It is a wonderful thing to see more bikes in a parking lot than cars. I wish more people would cherish there bikes. And how all you really need is love and family. They build a home around that and thats all you really need. They are surrounded with simplicity and beauty. They don't have much but really they have it all. I love it and can't wait to go back.lots more photos.. to be continued with more. peace & love!


Dani said…
your photos are beautiful! i love the people and the attitude of costa rica. Pura Vida!
nicole addison said…
i'm so happy you had such a great time! your little sis saying she was going to fall in love with every boy is so funny! can't wait to see more photos but i'm glad you're back safe!
pink-to-green said…
Beautiful photos; looks like an amazing vacation!
Anonymous said…
Hi Rachel,
What a lovely description of the things you enjoyed on your vacation :)

Have a lovely week,
Samantha said…
welcome home rachel.
i can totally relate i am so sad to be back to the "real world"
i'm glad you had a lovely time, the pictures are stunning<3
Polaroid soph said…
wow! costa rica looks amazing! great photos!
Adela said…
spectacular pictures!

Justine said…
So beautiful. I had friends that went last year and said it was one of the best places to go.

You Are My Fave said…
Costa Rica is my dream vacation. It sounds fantastic. Coming home from vacation is the worst!
paradise, indded! thanks so much for sharing the photos.

am i hallucinating, or is the blog flashing some pretty new colors today?

jess gonacha said…
oh my, look at you! and look at those photos! Absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had a great time!
beckyxoxo said…
wow just like in i'm a celebrity get me out of here . haha . glad you had fun ! i wish i can go there , and ride a bicycle whenever i want :)
LoveMore said…
great photos dear!

and thank you very much for stopping by my blog :)

bel, (lovemore) xxxx
Those photos are stunning. I love the one of you out walking down a log. Great composition. I want so badly to go visit Costa Rica. xo
Pen Pen said…
...Did u really take all those photos?! Incredible! AND u look so stylish! I like the hippy-esque one with you on the log!!!
cabin + cub said…
amazing photos!... your description of coast rica is really making me want to go!!! can't wait to see more pics! ;)
Michelle said…
Costa Rica is mesmerizing. I've been twice already and I want to go back. The waters are SO pristine. Regardless, enjoy being home. :)
rrrrr said…
wow..looks like so much fun in the tropical island :D... i miss the sunny beach too
Adele said…
those are gorgeous! (: Wish I could take such a vacation too! (: xx
gini said…
waou!!! thank u merci for ur post!
is it ur etsy? i Love the mugs! is it expensive to ship to france?
merci merci

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