sugar house holiday bazaar

saturday was the Sugar House Holiday Bazaar at the House of Vintage in delray beach, florida. it was a fun event filled with holiday cheer, hot cocoa, sprinkle cookies, handmade goodies, vintage goodies, and lots of wonderful crafty people. i had a really great time and enjoyed some great company at the show. not just my twin sister who has retro wonderful doxie art but some other amazing crafty ladies (on etsy) like ragamufyn, bean blossom, and stitch of whimsy. i still am new to doing these craft shows this year and people like them are really inspiring to me. giving handmade gifts is the best. some of the items that were set free from my table are ceramic peace owl ornaments, peace sign bowls, peace owl prints, and peace owl painting. i am sure they will be very happy with there new homes. :)
peace, love, and holiday cheer!!


JordanMayTwigs said…
I am going to say this agian.
That looks like A LOT of fun!!!

That's great that you sent some free gifts out.
You're such a kind and caring soul.
I wish there were more people out there like you.
[[ Not just saying that it's TOTALLY TRUE ]]

Happy holiday's to you and your family!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick
oh woops maybe i said that funny i just mean they were set freee as they have new homes. they were bought at my craft table.. i am kind and caring though :)
JordanMayTwigs said…
Nah it's all cool.
Maybe I read it wrong??

Happy holidays none the less.
lollywood said…
your set up was so cute! i love the style of your owls and your sister's painting, too! you guys are talented!
OceanDreams said…
Looks like you had fun and hope you got lots of sales. :)

Happy holidays sweetie!
i have neglected to leave you glowing feedback (it's coming, promise), but we are so happy with our little peace owl ornaments! they are flying high in our tree with all the other handmade goodness.

btw, your (and sis, too) table set-up looks great, and i love your festive little ensemble!

Chaudhary said…
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Carlotta said…
Merry Christmas!!
a. said…
wow, you have long, long rapunzel her. 2 years ago my her were as long as yours...
merry christmas to you.
Fine Little Day said…
Hope you did a lots of sales. Merry Christmas beautiful Rachel!
Iva said…
WOW!! looks super cute and fun!
Kristin said…
Ahhhhhhh, my Mom has an apron just like that! I am eternally jealous of people who have artistic ability. An I adore giving homemade gifts. Etsy shops have gotten a lot of my dough this year. Ah ha
Stompface said…
oh you are such a magical lady! I am so in love with your style.
that craft fair looks like it is filled with many wonderful treats! hooray for wonderful treats!
It inspires me to get my creative on more often!
Hope you are having fun times all around, and have a magical unicorn filled new year!

xx i've said this before, but if i walked by your booth, i would TOTALLY squeal with excitement!! ++you are way adorable :)

jess s//
Anonymous said…
Pretty cool ...peace on earth peace on mind XO+%&))):

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