Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello and welcome to my Blog. I have been inspired to make a blog by complete strangers. Artists in particular. And since i dream to be in thier shoes i have created my own. My name is Raychel sometimes Rachel. Currently 23 years of living. Born and raised in Sunny South Florida. I enjoy Florida mainly for the beaches and the sunshine. I wish sometimes thier would be a better vibe around. That people would slow down and appreciate things more. Recently i have been doing more and more to try and make the best out of things. I have joined the green revolution and hope that more people decide to do thier part. I also have been painting more recently. I typically only paint for gifts to give to friends. This past week i had 4 paintings to do for 4 special friends. I need to make more time to paint. Once i make one i always feel like i should make an other but sometimes my paint is abandoned for months.
This is an example of something that inspires me. This artist is Kate Suton:
I will be posting random blogs just bits and pieces of my life and what inspires me. Hope fully it will inspire you as i have been inspired by others. Hope your day is filled with joy and don't forget to cherish the moments that make you filled with that joy.

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