Open Grass Art & Music Festival

I'm on the New Times Broward website!:
I got my photo taken painting at Open Grass Art & Music Festival this Sunday (Jan. 11th). I was painting there on Sat and Sunday and had a great time. This was my first art booth. I was just painting for fun for the live studio/ gallery. I will put some of the paintings up in my Etsy Shop: i hope you like them. This is new for me and something i have dreamed of doing for years. i love to create paintings that i try and spread happiness, peace and love with.

Here are some more photos from Open Grass Art & Music Festival:

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Justgivemepeace said…
Oh, your work is lovely. I remember seeing it as soon as you opened on Etsy...and isn't Florida grand? That we can sit outside in the sun in January and enjoy life.....Love it!

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