Friday, February 27, 2009

introducting... my other half

So I finally talked my twin sister Jessica into starting a blog.. and her Etsy shop. Now I just have one request.. that you don't completly fall in love with her lovely art and inspiration from her lovely hot dog and forget about me. :) But I will forgive you if you do.. maybe. ♥
this is her blog.
her art:
this is her etsy shop.
this is me and her and her hot dog
this is also me and her (not too long ago)♥


chloejessica said...

THANKS SISTER! Your the best and your still wayy cooler. :) =] <3

REread said...

ha ... cute pic

skinnylittlesister said...

You Two Are So Cute!!!!
Love Sisters!
So glad Chloe opened up herself a shop too...may the circle remain ever-expansive & unbroken!
Much Peace & Much Love