i love weekends full of art...

this weekend i went to my first meetup for a group called: South Florida Artists Showcase. It was the first meet up and it was during Art Walk in Downtown Hollywood. We went around and visited art gallerys and talked of a website Norma will be putting together to promote South Florida Artists. i am happy i found out about this group and that me and my sister will be apart of it. :)
i also finally made it to Love-In Festival in Miami, Fl. It is at a really cool park that I used to go to when I was little. It is beautiful with lots of trees, nature and a old coral castle. I hope next year I can have a booth with my Peace Owls. It is a great festival promoting Peace, Love and Music. Here are some photos from Love-In Festival:

..and next weekend is Raindance Music & Art Festival. Yay.


Kelly said…
Looks like a lot of fun!
SonĂ© said…
love these fotos! what festivals are these? raindance? sounds so fun and free! i wanna go with :)
these photos are from Love-In Festival. I will put some photos up next week from Raindance Festival(May 23-24). :)
Oh isn't it all grand? I love summer and festivals and art!
What a great weekend!
andrealynn said…
Oooh what a wonderful weekend! And looks like next weekend looks promising.

Hope you knock the socks off of everybody at the raindance festival!
sounds great. i like the last few shots...
Gorgeous photos! Looks like so much fun!!
Campbell Jane said…
FUN times! Photos show this!
Wish I could attend an art festival right now! So beautiful. So fun. I am so envious of you right now. Take me with you please! theheh\

xoxoxo kiss!!
hope to hear from you
This looks like an awesome weekend!
Anonymous said…
This festival looks and sounds great! Wish I was in Miami!
so much fun there
Carlotta said…
summer+festival perfect and lots of fun:))
Curtis Copeland said…
What a great event. Looks like a lot of fun!

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