Mom Day LOVE

I hope everyone has a lovely mom day! I always loved this photo with my mom, sister, me, and dog speck camping when we were little. My moms making us some yummy scrambled eggs. my dog speck used to pull us around in that little purple car. my mom is very special to me not only is she an amazing mom but shes a wonderful friend as well. I love her to the moon and back.


chloejessica said…
I like your moms day post more than mine! This photo is the best! Especially bc Speck is in it! :)
Oh, this reminds me of my days of camping with my family! Thanks for sharing!
Mistika said…
Lovely moms day,
Lovely blog....I like it a lot!
As Lennon said: I'm not the only one...

Kisses from Lima, Peru

Mistika *=)
Tami said…
Love the pic, brings back memories (seems like yesterday)enjoyed the pic and the sentiments - my sis is a very lucky lady to have such wonderful girls
Joanna Goddard said…
what a cute photo!

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