Suddenly the air smells much greener

I am freeee for 4 whole days. I am journeying to the other side of Florida to Tampa for Raindance Music & Art Festival. The Festival is Saturday and Sunday. I will be decorating the festival with some Peace Owls and also have a booth with art for sale with my twin sister and some other friends. Have a great long weekend! I will update when I return. Peace & Love!


chloejessica said…
Photo by Jessica! Yay we leave today! I just wish I didn't have to work! :)
GiDu said…
Oh my goodness!! You are going to have a blast. Good luck at the festival. I LOVE your VW Beetle, too. Have a wonderful weekend.
I love the Beetle too, it is making me miss my old vw van :(
I hope your weekend is wonderful!
have fun.
btw that shot looks soo god. sp peacefull and free like woodstock...
OOOOH! I love this photo. So 60's and road trip goodness.

have a wonderful time!! i'll be jealous of you! you lucky you!

stay wonderful, and beautiful
soph said…
is that you int he picture? i LOVE your care... i ride my bike everywhere but if i ever get aroudn to getting my license i want a car like yours! love your blog!
jiorji said…
i love those little cars!

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