it feels good to be FREEEE

i am FREEEE and roadtripping to Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival. this will be my 4th road trip to 'Roo' I am in love with it and just can't part ways. I usually travel to Bonnaroo with a group of friends but this year it will just be me and the boyfriend (mark). It will be fun but i will miss the usual crew (especially my sis jess) it didn't work out this year for them but we will have a even funner one next year. I will catch up when i return. peace!


chloejessica said…
Have fun with out me! I will miss you! Next year! :)
Anonymous said…
Yay hula hoops!
A. said…
yay, looks like freedome and loads of fun.
Anonymous said…
I think you and I have in common the world of Etsy...

I would love it if you would come back to my blog DISH and dish :) My newest question is about "Making Waves."

Have a lovely weekend,
soph said…
that first photo is awesome! man you guys have rad shit to take photos of over there!!! although we do have koalas.. they are pretty cute
Oh! So jealous :) I hope you had a fabulous time and enjoy the music.
kevin said…
i wish i was there soo bad!!! have tons of fun for me :)

-kevin of

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