peace owls on the pages of a boho magazine

my peace owls are featured in the handmade section of boho mag's spring issue! this magazine is my favorite and it is a dream come true to be inside of it. it is an eco friendly fashion/ lifestyle magazine and its pages are printed on 100% recycled paper. you can find it at bookstores and newstands nationwide. i pick mine up at barnes and nobile. this issue is fresh on the newstands today. if you go to pages 20-21 you will find my peace owls and me. this issue is packed with lovely spring time, sparkles, pastels, paris, macarons and more. you can see it online too at it still is unreal to me that i made it on the pages of a magazine so feel free to pinch me. ahhh. i'm so happy. :)
peace & love!


WOW!! Look at you!!! So well deserved! I love it!
p.s. Those photos are awesome!
jiorji said…
that is awesome Rachel!! congratulations!
Hope Chella said…
Congrats! They are adorable :)
OceanDreams said…
Congrats that is amazing! I love this publication so I will have to try and find a copy to look at! :)
JordanMayTwigs said…
That's totally awesome!!

I am a huge fan of Boho Magazine.
And can't wait to go get the Spring Issue now!!

Keep up the awesome work.

Peace Love && Lipstick
oh my! congrats! a dream come true, indeed. i love that mag, need to get the new issue right now...
Rachel Beyer said…
Congrats! That's awesome! I'm gonna have to go out and find that issue now :)
Jodes said…
wow, congratulations!
that magazine does look amazing and you look like such a proud mama holding it.

Anonymous said…
I actually came to your blog after seeing you in BOHO. I lovelovelove your owls and your philosophy and I just wanted to let you know!

congratulations on being featured in boho... your owls are adorable!
Anonymous said…
Giovanna ♥ said…
Congratulations my dear!!! I'm so happy for you :)
Anonymous said…
hi there! I just stubbled across your blog and I love it! You have great taste and congrats on the magazine!! I am following you on bloglovin and I'd be honored if you followed me :)

Stompface said…
congrats! That is super super rad!

I've seen that magazine at the newsagency before, will have to purchase it next time i'm there!

gloria said…
hey i've given you an award bc i love your blog! check out my post to see what to do!
chloejessica said…
Lovely Leti said…
Congrats, darling! You have some lovely thing to share! ;) Peace!
Katie said…
I saw this and loved it! So glad I discovered your blog! :)


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