birds of a feather flock together

here is a peak at some of the new things i have been crafting. my head has been spinning with ideas getting ready for Raindance Music & Art Festival (which is next weekend!! Tampa Florida) and Stitch Rock Indie Craft Show (October 3rd Delray Beach Florida). I made some feather mobiles, mini canvas polaroid paintings and daisy headband this weekend. I have got a lot more painting and crafting to do this week. Hope you had a great one! Peace & Love.


Olivia Rae said…
sooo cute and dreamy and happy. i love it
Adele said…
anything with feathers gets my vote! (; have fun at the festival! remember to take lotsa pictures (; xx
puenktchen said…
thank you :)
your blog is so lovelyy
I adore feathers! Wish I could be there! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Hi Rachel,
Feather mobiles, what a lovely idea :)

Best of luck at your craft show,
Eri said…
Nice blog!

Please come and visit my fashion blog, which is inspired by Portobello market, London.

I hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon.

moto said…
i want the daisy headbands..!!! i wish i can go to such music festival
Samantha said…
wow beautiful beautiful stuff rachel. i used to live in palm harbor outside of tampa, i miss it. i wish i could be there i'd buy so much of your stuff.
i hope you are having fun crafting as you prepare for this weekend! i love your latest works, so fun! i especially love the feather mobile.

thanks so much for your sweetest words on my blog!

Little Lovables said…
love this, it is sooo right up my alley, I will have to link to this post soon
Fine Little Day said…
I like the feather mobile :)
a. said…
1. thank you very much for your super lovely compliment.
2. i love birds and feathers.
3. i love your feather mobile.
cabin + cub said…
I love the feather mobile... so cute. And hooray.. Oct 3rd is my b-day... so how cool that there is a crafty show on that day! ;)
Sara said…
oh HAVE FUN during the weekend!! And those are such pretty crafts :)
nicole addison said…
oh so cute! i feel like i've commented on this post alread.maybe i just looked and ddint have time but i love your things!
You Are My Fave said…
Oh, that feather mobile is fun.
Courtney said…
That feather mobile is so adorable! I love the colors too.

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