free bird

(photo from dear & yonder- dave homcy) (painting of a surf paradise by me)
i'm free and journeying to costa rica for a week! i will be traveling with my twin sis, my twin fin, my parents, and little sis. it is going to be a great time with family in an amazing place. when ever i go to costa i never want to leave. it is so beautiful and peaceful. i haven't been in too long. i will return with lots of photos. have a lovely week. plus enjoy this video of a new surf film- Dear & Yonder:

peace & love


Carlotta said…
the painting is great!!!
chloejessica said…
Yay I can't wait we leave in a few hours! :)
aw, safe and happy travels to you all.
enjoy enjoy enjoy!
i look forward to hearing all about it.
JennyMac said…
Have the best trip! Safe travels.
Samantha said…
i hope you have lots of fun, take lots of gorgeous photos!
i love the surfing video, its my favorite sport<3
a. said…
that first photo looks such peacefull.
Adele said…
have SOOO much fun! (: love the painting (;
Elise said…
Hello, really enjoyed reading your posts - thank you for sharing !
joe said…
"Twin Fin"??? Am i supposed to know what that means??
love your painting! have a great time with your family. :)

ps i have an award for you on my latest blog post

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