peace owl, mushrooms, guitar, and fridge

here is a peak at some more paintings i did for upcoming festivals Raindance and Stitch Rock. I will have prints of the Peace Owl with his Guitar in my etsy shop soon. this polaroid on my fridge is from the first day my kitten dandelion came home. she was so little! i wish she still was that tiny but she is still adorable. i was making a funny face so my owl magnet is hiding it for you.
peace & love!


zephyr muse said…
rachel! i love your blog. tell me the secrets to getting followers!! i want more people to know about art and love.
OOh Rachel...those new pieces are great!
I so want to cuddle Dandelion!! She is too adorable in that photo! xo
p.s. That Vincent van Gogh quote is so perfectly you.
Geotacs said…
great artisitic work!


Dooder City said…
I love that painting. It is everything I love and more! It reminds me of the 70s!
Sprinkle M. said…
Rachel! Hello! :} I love your photostream & had no idea you had a blog, so ahh! I'm excited!
Awww that is so nice of you that you were excited to meet me in your dream, I feel celebrity-like. Such a weird feeling! Wow!
I would love to meet you :} I think we live far away though, I live in the Midwest of the US.. :{
xo Sprinkle
mary jane said…
i always love your beautiful work and your gorgeous spirit!
love and light~
♥ mary jane
monkey toes said…
girl u are sooo talented!!! i love ur first pic with the kind of woodstock thingy heehhe cute and looks so peaceful :D
monkey toes said…
i'm gonna add u to my blogroll anyways :D thnx for following my blog, i appreciate it ;P
Samantha said…
omg i love the little magic mushroom, amazing art as always miss rachel<33
Ooo sweets those new pieces are wonderful.
The little mushroom is my favourite. Very vintage and we all love that right?

Great post!!
kirstyb said…
love the paintings! xoxoxo
charming! your work makes me happy! xo
Sprinkle M. said…
WOW you are one popular chica! I had no idea! 12 comments? :D :D Look at YOU!
I've awarded you on my blog, dahling. xo
OceanDreams said…
Thanks for the follow, I will have to check out your Etsy shop! Your art is just bursting through the seams!
melanie said…
love it! i just found your blog and i think it's fab!!!
your long-legged-owls are darling! love the mushroom plaque as well, its ALL SO CUTE!!!

jess s//
oOoO lovely photos!! :)

Be sure and pop by and leave a note!

happyment said…
Your mushroom rocks, Rachel! As much as your wonderful owls :)
PH said…
wowww im crazy about that peace owl peace. Such great use of color and it makes me wanna dance!

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