where the wild things are

(in costa rica)
(photos taken by me except the one im in- my twin sis took that one)


oh. my. god. you saw and photographed a sloth just chilling in the tree!? i LOVE!
kELLO! said…
these pictures are GREAT!
i canNOT wait for our trip now!
thanks for updating :)
a. said…
i like your holiday candys. no°1 & no°3 are really pretty.
aww that sloth. i totally dig sloths and i'm really impressed about the fact that sloths are soo slow that moss grow on them.
Anonymous said…
Yay sloths! Yay trampolines! Yay horses!

Have a lovely weekend,
kevin said…
i love the title of this post :) im counting down until the movie comes out, its going to be epic.

did you take these in costa rica? or did you find them? because theyre awesome...
jiorji said…
wow!! Rachel that is so pretty!!! I love the wild horses and the PARROTS!?!?! how cool!!

sigh...one day :)
Samantha said…
omg amazing, i love the 3rd and 4th pictures so much.your adventure looks so beautiful.
yes the walmart gladiators so comfy and cheap i wear them all the time cause i don't mind if they get ruined.
Young Damsel said…
your blog must be the cutest thing ever! adore the header and most of all the forest gump picture on the side (:
cody said…
really cool holidays shots!<3
xx cody

Diane said…
LOVE that pic of the birds! Such a photo op!
i love all of the free animals! :D
Sabinas Hill said…
wow your blog is amazing
her name is bek said…
great photos! love the trampoline shot, looks so fun!
SLOTH! haha, awesome, love those things.

looks like a super fun trip!

jess s//
Katy said…
ahh this looks like fun!!
aw your photos are so good! :)
osma harvilahti said…
Beautiful series, Specially the "Jesus pic"!
Maddie Grace said…
Your Costa Rica trip sounds so magical, your photos are beautiful too. Love the Flickr ones!
becks said…
I love the third picture. The effect from the reflection is fantastic! Btw, I've changed my blog add! You can delete the old one it's defunct:)

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