All Works of Love are Works of Peace & 100th Post Celebration!! + giveaway

"All Works of Love are works of Peace"- Mother Teresa
peace to me
Its time to celebrate! Today is a special day. In celebration of International Day of Peace and this being my 100th post I want to show you some inspiration to me and have a special giveaway for you.
Since today is International Day of Peace I want to let you know why I love Peace. In the photo above I have some things that inspire peace to me. Things I treasure like the Peter Max Peace poster. In 2006 I got to meet Peter Max and he signed it for me. It was the best. He is an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me. A photo of my family in 1985- my dad, mom, me and my twin sister in bonnets. I love how young and happy my parents look and how tiny we are. Some books that inspire me- The Book of Peace, The Giving Tree, and Peace- the Biography of the Symbol. They are all filled of lovely images and beautiful stories. Other things that makes Peace special to me are: the 60s/ 70s era, artists/ inspirational people like John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and so many others. Here are some inspirational peace quotes. Through Etsy I met this inspiring peace artist- Just Give Me Peace. Her art is very inspiring and filled with lovely messages of peace. On Flickr you can find this amazing group One Million Peace Signs who have been gathering many inspiring images of peace. You can add yours or get inspired by all the Peace images. I think more than anything what Peace means to me is just that feeling it creates. Peace is a movement and something I strive for. I see more and more people after it and it gives me hope for a better world. People joining together for the GOOD in this world. We live in a beautiful place full of lovely inspiring places and people.

Good Things Happen in TWO Giveaway
For my 100th post I have decided to do a giveaway to TWO lovely readers of TWO Peace Owl and Other Lovely Things Eco Friendly Prints! I have five prints shown in the photo above: Peace Owl 'I'd Rather Be Riding My Bike', Try to Be Free- Like a Feather, Peace Owl Blowing Bubbles, Peace Owl with Guitar and Mushrooms, and Peace Owl Dancing to Record Player. To enter leave a comment telling me your favorite TWO. Make sure you also list a email if I cannot contact you on your blog. You can get one bonus entry by becoming a fan of Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things on Facebook. Leave a comment on my wall to get the bonus entry. I will randomly select TWO lovely winners Friday September 25th. I just wish I could send each one you a hug and something special but my mail man wouldn't be able to handle all that mail.
Good Luck! Peace & Love!


goodkarma said…
ooh ooh ooh! i love them all, but i probably love the bike and the guitar ones the most. happy day of peace!
great post!

they are all adorable, but my faves are probably the Try to Be Free and Peace Owl Blowing Bubbles.

and congrats on your 100th post!
What a great idea hun!

I love them all but i think if i had to pick two i'd pick the one on the bike and the one with the guitar

I enjoy all of your delightful art works! (and Chloe's too!, you ladies are double trouble, wonderful little art makers!)Since I have to pick my two favs would have to be your Free like a Feather & your Peace Owl rocking to Records!!

Have an awesome day! Keep up the good the work!
Samantha said…
i love love love the try to be free, and the owl with the guitar, happy peace day rachel!!!

ps i've had your link under inspirations:art, design, and photography since i found your blog right under jessica simanowski, i'll put you under beautiful dreamers catagory aswell if you'd like!!<3
lollywood said…
My favorite two are Peace Owl with Guitar and Mushrooms and Peace Owl Dancing to Record Player! They are both adorable! Thanks and congrats on 100 posts!

lollywoodjewelry at gmail dot com
lollywood said…
also, i became a fan on facebook! my name is casey woodard on there. thanks!
nicole addison said…
congrats on 100 posts! hmm lets see i love the peace owl guitar and bubbles one! so so cute!
Happy Peace Day Rachel and congratulations on the 100th post. It's a definite milestone and you've celebrated it in such a great way.

I must admit that I love all of your designs, I don't think that I could possibly pick a favourite.
Giovanna ♥ said…
I LOVE all of them, but my favorites are the first one with the bike and the third one :)
Lovely giveaway!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us :)
I'll become a fan on Facebook too
Little Sparrow said…
Thank you so much, wow i love your blog and your peace owls are amazing, and your bicycle!!! i have a thing for old bicycles, i have a pink indi 300 bicycle named mary anne, she is a bit wild and had tried to kill me on a few occasions by not stopping when crossing roads!!

i have a fealing that if we lived in the same country we might go on bicycle adventures together!

have a magical day

little sparrow

MARISA said…
they are all colorfully amazing

if i had to pick..second from the left..and far right. soo cute!!

congrats on 100th post!!

mary jane said…
love all your peaceful inspirations! that peter max poster is fantastic, so cool you got him to sign it!

and 100 is big! congrats~

oh!! giveaways are great!!!! i love the Peace Owl with Guitar and Mushrooms, and Peace Owl Dancing to Record Player!

mary jane
Martine said…
o waw! you have a great blog too miss! beautiful paintings really lovely. i'll add you to my favourites :) peace!
All weee arrre saaaaying....awesome :D
Ashley said…
Give Peace a Chance is forever a classic.
Luna Supernova said…
I thinkit would be difficult to send a print all the way around the world to me but they all are super sweet. Congrats on your 100th post.
JordanMayTwigs said…
Hello there,
Thank you for following my blog.

What a lovely give away you have here.
I am very excited that someone other than myself KNOWS what Peace Day is!!

A bunch of my friends and I have a group called "Keep The Peace".
Here in Jersey.
We live on the Shore by Asbury Park.

I love your art work by the way!!
It's adorable.
I wish I were an artist.
My boy friend is a terrific artist.
As well as a tattoo artist.

I would love to enter your contest.
But I can't pick two.

Peace Love && Lipstick
OceanDreams said…
Ohhh, I love this giveaway you have some wonderful stuff to giveaway girlie! I just joined your facebook fan club, so added point for me! :) I too want more peace in our are adding to the goodness, that is wonderful!
michellebug said…
gosh how do you choose a "favorite"? since i have to... the guitar one & the dancing one. peace XO
michellebug said…
how do you pick a favorite with all these cool peace lovers! i guess i would say, the guitar & record player ones. peace XO
Carlotta said…
oh this is such a cute giveaway!! love your prints my fav two are : Peace Owl 'I'd Rather Be Riding My Bike' and Peace Owl with Guitar and Mushrooms. I'm a new Facebook fan!!

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