Raindance Music & Art Festival Bound

I'm free and off to Tampa Florida for an awesome 2 day hippie music & art festival- Raindance. I am packing up the Peace Owls and Peace Forest art i have been working on and then I am on the road. When I come back I will post lots of photos and let you know how the show goes. This will be Raindance #2 the first one was fun and I am sure this one will top it. I cannot wait. Have a lovely weekend! I will be back late Monday. Peace & Love!


omigish, wouldn't it be cool if you were going in a gypsy wagon!?

i hope you have a blast this weekend. safe and happy travels.

thanks for your comment love! have a great holiday and sell lots of goodies :)
jiorji said…
i wish i could go! sounds like so much fun
Anonymous said…
I love that tree one, good luck with your show :)
a. said…
that sounds pretty interesting and like loads of fun.

i wish you a great time.
Polaroid soph said…
your so lucky you guys have the coolest festivals over there! maybe i should start something like that in australia! ps: love your luggage! x
I wish I could attend the festival- it sounds wonderful! You're so lucky. Hope that you have an absolute blast this weekend and really let loose your inner flower child- will you grab mine when you go?
Enjoy your weekend!
matahari said…
u are undoubtedly creative!!! wish i could go to such fest
ryder said…
hippie festival??? woodstock all over again. jelous :)
Samantha said…
oh my goodness rachel, i love your art so so so much<3333
Courtney said…
What a fun little owl! I hope you had a great time at the festival.
oh my, what a collection! if I was going to the festi I would totally hit up your both, enjoy lady!

jess //
Your booth looked lovely! Dig the new mushroom paintings!!

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