You run through the forest, settle before the sun

i am getting ready for Stitch Rock: Indie Craft Show & Bazaar. It is this Saturday October 3rd from 12pm- 6pm in Downtown Delray Beach Florida. this will be my first big craft show and i am so excited/ nervous. these pics are a few of my newest crafts, all going with my peace forest theme. the song stuck in my head is the fleet foxes- ragged wood. i cant wait for a nice adventure after this show. my poor bicycle misses me.
peace & love!


Good luck on your show! I love that song and your post! xoxo
happyment said…
Good luck on the craft show! I know Fleet Foxes, but not that song. Off to look for it.
Anonymous said…
good song to have stuck in your head! Have fun at the show!
Why be nervous? What a great opportunity and I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine :D Have fun, that's the most important thing.
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fleet Foxes, definitely a good band and a good song to have stuck in your head.
Giovanna ♥ said…
Lovely post!! Good luck with everything :)
I love your pictures!!
Great song :)
lots of hugs!
love fleet foxes :) we def have similar taste in a lot of things

and those mushroom vases are soooo cute-you are one crafty lady (don't know if I've said that before. . . )

jess s//
i love your mushroom bud vases...someday i need to buy one from you!
shows are exciting and fun, but they can take over your life for a bit while preparing for them. ahh, the glamorous life of an artist.
thinking good thoughts for you on this latest venture. take care.
Deana said…
I love the feathers...I would totally hang that up in my apt!
oh that's such a good idea, i'm totally going to make my own mobile! you're such a creative thing!
those pictures make me want to throw my stupid homework out the window and run to the nearest craft store!
Michelle said…
I love your blog, it's full of such positive energy. You're a gift artist. Good luck! xo.
cabin + cub said…
Good luck at the show! I am sure you'll do very well! ;)
jiorji said…
good luck rachel!you'll do fine ♥
kpeach said…
so cool and 60s!
Samantha said…
amazing artwork rachel<3
i wish it was gladiator season all year round, i hate the cold, i miss florida!
Giovanna ♥ said…
Have a lovely weekend Rachel!
Thanks for your sweet comment :)
Peace & Love
boubou said…
Bonjour !
first time i come across you blog , i wanted to invite you check out my daily collage inspiration on my blog boubouteatime if you have some time, i hope you will enjoy the visit :)
a bientot!
CC said…
Good luck! Judging by the pictures you are sure to win. :)

Estela said…
I'm digging the feather mobile!
hope the show went well!!!
molly said…
cool pictures, i love how old-school they look

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