i'd like to be free. take me away please.

waterfalls set you free, originally uploaded by rachellovespeace.

lately all i have been doing is lots of daydreaming. i'd love to be on an adventure of some sort. Wish this waterfall was in my back yard or a bike ride distance away.. Any nature would be nice but it all seems too far away sometimes. I'd really love to go frolick and explore a forest. Anyone with a forest near by really should consider themselves very lucky and enjoy it. This polaroid was taken when I was in Costa Rica this summer. Can't believe summers over but can't wait for the things to come.
Peace & Love!


jiorji said…
i'd LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to live near a waterfall. sigh! that would be great. But i'd like a small house in a field too. hmm..also near the beach. If i ever find that place, i'm never leaving.
very dreamy! so, it looks like we're into the same music. any change your going to Festival 8 (Phish) over Halloween??
OceanDreams said…
Welcome to my world, I am totally day dreamer too. You should travel the world lady! Never hurts to dream away, I know money and such prevents us though. Hope you have a dreamy weekend!
a. said…
oh how lovely.
i love polaroids and that's a pretty lovely one.
Anonymous said…
hey rachel how do you make your photo look vintage with the Polaroid border? or is it a legit Polaroid? :)
today it seems everybody is reading my mind. you too... i agree, living near forest seems like a dream. and a plan for future :)

it is a legit polaroid. the film is old and it gave it that sephia tint. it is just scanned in no editing. but i do have fun with picnik.com sometimes. :)
Deana said…
I love that photo. I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica...maybe this year. I am such a daydreamer too.
Rachel, that is such a gorgeous picture. Fun, freedom and all around is nothing but natural beauty. I wish I could just jump into the photograph especially now since it is miserable, wet and cold outside today.
There is nothing wrong with dreaming either, nothing at all. Dream dream dream away!!
Giovanna ♥ said…
This is amazing! I love the free spirited feeling of this :) Please check out my blog, I made I post about the beautiful giveaway I received from you :)
Thank you so much Rachel!
Anonymous said…
beautiful blog dear. i love the beautiful pictures and magical words ♥
Ah that's so stunning. I wish i still had film in my polaroid camera but it's so flipping expensive now :(
Dani said…
polaroids just make everything look dreamier. beautiful. thank you for linking me. you're blog is making me happy...linked!


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