Stitch Rock Indie Craft Fair & Bazaar

Saturday October 3rd I was apart of Stitch Rock Indie Craft Fair & Bazaar and it was awesome! It was my first big craft show. Stitch Rock had 50 amazing craft/ vintage vendors. It was awesome to be one of them plus my twin sister was also one with her doxie art- chloe the hot dog and friends! It was awesome because are booths were right across from each other. The show was very busy with a line out the door most of the day. I met some great people and made some fun sales and got lots of smiles from visitors to my booth. Smiles are the best reward to something you create. If you happen to come to my blog and you were one of my customers please say hello, it was a busy show but I'd love to give an extra thank you. I heard of a few more upcoming local shows and hope to get in one for December. For now I have some updating to do for my Etsy shop. :)
Peace & Love!


w. said…
your booth setup is so cute! & those peace sign dishes are darling.
Jowy said…
SOO CUTE! Wish i could have been there!!

One Love,
Darling, it looks sensational. I sat here and actually went, 'WOW!' Your booth is so bright and colourful...I wish I could have been there to have a good look through to see what I liked....but then again I'd probably love it all :D

By the way sweets, just checking to see if you sent your peace owls out in the post to me. I sent you my address a while ago and it's just I wanted to know when to keep a look out for the post.
Keep in touch.

x x x
oh friend i did send those peace owl goodies out in the mail last week. i was curious to see if you got them yet.. should be any day. im going to send u an email.. peace & love.
nicole addison said…
i spotted this on your sis' site and im so glad you guys had a good time! i love the photos :)
that looks like so much fun! talented family you guys :)
I love your booth! All of your photos look so fun. I need to do one of these one day. xoxo
oh I meant to tell you how cute I think your carry case is too!! I love it!
Giovanna ♥ said…
Rachel I'm speechless!! How cool is all this!! Super CUTE and inspiring!!
I also wanted to say thank you so much!! because today I just opened my mail box and guess what I found? Yayyyyyy your adorable giveaway!!
I looove my little owls and all the details you put on the envelope, your card is in a very special place, your adorable art is going to be framed and hang on my living room, I just adore it!! I'm so excited, not only because I love your work, but also because it's the first giveaway I win :D I'll be posting about the beautiful things I received on my blog soon..
I'll let you know :)
Thank you so much again and I heart you!
Peace & Love
OceanDreams said…
Both your and your sister's set up turned out so cute, I love all of your colors and am so glad it went well for you!
jessica said…
Looks like a great show. I really like your booth setup.
You Are My Fave said…
Cute setup. I of course love the mini bunting.
Deana said…
this is so great. I love craft fairs. Your booth is so colorful and full of life.
Maria Confer said…
Your booth looks awesome. I'm glad you had such a great time.
Martine said…
so awesome, seriously i love your art!
jules said…
Oh my goodness, all of this looks amazing, perfect! Congrats!
Dallas Shaw said…


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