may you be forever young

the coolest 6 year old, originally uploaded by rachellovespeace.

today my little sister turned 6. i keep telling her never grow up. but she is very excited to be older. wish we could trade places sometimes. when we (me and my twin sis) asked what she wanted for her bday she said a peace owl and doxie painting. so me and jessica collaborated on this one. :) i also drew her a peace owl bday card. she loves the peace owl and has gotten very good at drawing her own peace owl. she is very talented. have a lovely day!
peace & love.


OceanDreams said…
Aww, so adorable and thoughtful of you and your sis to do a fun gift for your younger sis! Hope you enjoy your week hun!
happy belated birthday to your little sis!

thanks for your kind words at my blog...i wish we were neighbors, too! i wish all the sweetest, grooviest people all lived close to one another because then maybe sometimes we wouldn't feel so lonely. but then again, it's fun to think of us sprinkled all over the globe like a huge extended family, too.

it's good to see you all so happy together. i hope that you are doing well in every way.
Giovanna ♥ said…
awww how adorable you girls are!! I love those pictures!!
Martine said…
Aaa sosweet. love your drawings still.
JoolzGirl said…
Ahhh so lovely! Great present! What a fabulous lil sis. I have a mini doxie - we've just given him a new home - he's 2 years old and he's awesome.

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