she'll pretend that shes somewhere else

this is a little sketch i did in my little note book. its is from the song taylor by jack johnson. i love listening to music and drawing the feelings it gives you.

i just fell in love with angus & julia stone.
things will be brighter soon.
peace & love.


Stompface said…
yess!! love drawing to music as well...

and oh how amazing are angus and julia, I heart them muchly!

jiorji said…
i like how some songs make my mind trip out and i think and feel things i've never felt before. Sometimes certain types of music makes me think of princes and queens at Versailles...and i see colours and flowers. hahah it's a cool feeling.

Hang in there Rachel. Smile and it'll get better friend ♥
Sun Under Wing said…
I love the song taylor to!..lovely drawing, sometimes you just can't help it when the excitment bubbles up inside from hearing an amazing song :)
Polaroid soph said…
woo! aussies! they make good music indeed! you would love the beautiful girls too!
her name is bek said…
how good are angus and julia! love them so much, saw them a couple of times here before they went traveling x
Keith said…
I hadn't heard of them yet. Great music. Have a cool weekend. Cheers!
thanks for the tip on angus and julia--i'll have to check them out.
i hope you have had a lovely and peaceful weekend!
I love drawing to music too! Even though I'm not very good I love it :)
Darling I am sorry that I haven't been as active in posting on your blog lately. I have been VERY busy with a lot of boring, adult life things that won't go away no matter how hard I try.
I just wanted to come by and say hello and let you know that I still love coming to your blog and seeing your recent posts.

Drawing to music is so nice isn't it? I do a lot when I'm listening to classical music. You can create such abstract little doodles when you let your mind wander right?
naveen said…
nice vedio clips , i love the music
OceanDreams said…
I love your sketches, music and art are the best ever!
Giovanna ♥ said…
Lovely music!
Thanks for sharing!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!
omg! I LOVE Angus and Julia Stone!

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