tis the season to be crafty

Saturday was Green Saturday a small local craft show. It was my first of two shows I signed up for. It had a small turn out but still was fun. I have been making some peace owl ornaments for the holidays. Its been a busy start to December and I have been trying to scare away a cold. It's almost gone. This Saturday will be The Winter Opening at The Bubble. I had fun making this flyer.
Next up will be my next local show (and last one for this season) the Holiday Bazaar at The House of Vintage in Delray, FL. Can't wait for this one. :) YAY FOR CHRISTMAS CHEEEER. :)
Peace & Love!


JordanMayTwigs said…
I think it's so great that your sister and you both make art.
And go to these fairs.

You two live in Florida right??
So you don't have "Christmas weather" ??
What is it like not have all four seasons be different from each other??
[[ Sorry I've just always wondered. ]]

Have a great day.

Peace Love && lipstick
wow you are everywhere! :)

i'm so excited, i just picked up 2 of your prints! it's my x-mas present to myself.

have a great holiday!
cara mia
Those owl ornaments are too cute!!! xo
will you be listing any of the owl ornaments on etsy?
Darling you're so creative! I adore it and your art is always so pretty, colourful and fun. Thank you again for sending me those peace owls through the post. They were gorgeous.

I hope that the lead up to Christmas is being kind to you.

Rachel Beyer said…
Love love love your work! Your booth looks great. I especially like your little mushroom vases :)
Giovanna ♥ said…
Love the Christmas ornaments!! They're simply adorable!!! I also love the Ad you made!
Thanks for the sweet words on my post!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
a. said…
peacefull christmas...aww.
yay, i just adopted a couple of the owl ornaments!

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