winter wonderland

on the inside of the bubble was lovely snowflakes falling. outside was lots of rain. too bad rain doesnt turn to snow in south florida. we can pretend though. the winter openning was fun. me and my friend linda made sugar cookies with powdered sugar on top to look like snowballs. i also enjoyed many candycanes. i couldnt stay long at the bubble because my friends bands the notary and retrocities were playing at respects. It was a toys for tots event and it was a really great show and dance party. sunday was filled of blue skies and sunshine. now it is seriously time to get ready for the holiday bazaar next weekend and gift making for my family/ friends. i need more time, please. :)
peace & love!


kELLO! said…
i asked for something from your etsy shop for christmas :)
Dani said…
i'm having quite the crafty christmas! a rarity for me. i keep looking to your blog for inspiration :)
Giovanna ♥ said…
So cute as always!! Love the first picture! It's very dreamy :)
I also wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway on my blog, just come visit me to enter :)

Peace & Love

OceanDreams said…
Everything looks wonderful! So Christmasy and very dreamy. Hope you are enjoying the holidays sweetie!
molly said…
love these pictures, especially the rounded corners! the two ladies in the second picture are simply lovely
agreed on the more time! xo

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