Dania Beach Folk Art & Antique Show

Saturday me and my twin sis did a art show: Dania Beach Folk Art & Antique show at Grace Cafe & Gallery. We signed up for this one last minute and split a table. It was a fun little show the turnout was small but I still had a great time being there. My friend Hollie of Hollie May Art & Fashion was also at the show and we got to be booth neighbors, yippee. She does really amazing illustrations and makes super cute bows and has an awesome vintage shop. She also just started an Etsy team 'Indie Free Spirits' that I am in. She is an all around amazing crafty friend. So glad to meet her. Inside the gallery of this show was a really inpresive Charlie Harper collection. I am amazed at all the work he did and the life he and his wife who was also talented artist had. He did really amazing nature/ wildlife art.
peace & love!


Hollie May said…
loves it! it was soooooooo fun with you girls!! srsly you girls are SO inspiring
Dani said…
looks like fun! and your outfit is adorable.

OceanDreams said…
Looks like you had a blast, so glad that it went so well!
Stompface said…
weeeeeeee mustard tights! those are the best kind...except when they are ACTUALLY made of mustard, I can imagine that would be quite uncomfortable/messy. I hope they were just mustard coloured!

and ohhhh twinnies! I love you kids. I always wanted a twin growing up, can I be the pretend third twin, although I suppose that would make it triplets? I should stop rant rant ranting!!!

wish I could come visit your art shows! so amazing.

yay team mustard tights!

you two and the booth look great, as always!

mart and lu said…
lovely...i need to see this in real life one day. i hope soon!
Martine said…
yaaah i love your art! and you look pretty awesome yourself too peace&love!!
mary jane said…
you look SOOOO cute! and the show looked fun too!

mary jane
a. said…
wow, interesting what haircuts can do. you and your twinsis look pretty similar from face but with the totally different haircuts you two look pretty different too.
i really like your hair (naturally blonde too?)

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