la photocabine and snowy play time

la photocabine is fun.
it has been unually cold in south florida lately. a week long cold front. highs near 30/40 degrees. that is crazy talk for here. i don't have enough warm clothes for this so i am craving spring and summer time. but playing in this 'snow' was super fun. ok its not really snow but it stayed frozen since its so cold out. it was gathered from an ice skating rink and brought to a backyard for some fun sledding, and snow ball fights. it actually did snow in some parts of north florida. crazy weather. hope your keeping warm and having fun! peace & love.


Dani said…
I can't believe these are photos of Florida! Since when are MA and FL experiencing similar cold fronts?

Martine said…
haha whaa this is wicked
wow that's florida?! it's not even that cold here in northern california! stay warm xo
Anonymous said…
yay for snow pictures!! how do you get your pictures to do that round corner thing? i like it.
Giovanna ♥ said…
I've been in Orlando last week and it was soo cold!! Love these photos!!
❉ ✿ ✿ ❉
Florida = sunshine?! It looks like Scotland :0)

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