new years resolution: be less of a mess

we'll its here even though i'm not ready for it.. it's 2010! i hope you all had a lovely holiday season and new year. mine flew by! i just moved into a home! it's technically my twin sister and her husband to be's home. big news: the are getting married in april! and i will be the maid of honor. wahoo. so he will move in once they are married and for now it's me and my sis. it's a cute home with an awesome backyard. we built a fort the first weekend and had fun rolling around in the grass with chloe. i painted my room a color called feather gold it makes me happy.
happy 2010 here are my resolutions:
*keep up with my etsy shop, take better photos, put more in it.
*make more crafty friends, and have crafty partys.
*be more organized with all my crafty things.
*be happy with all that is around me, don't overwelm myself.
*if possible, get out of having an office job.
*paint more, and play more. have more time to do both.
*travel, i need more roadtrips they make me happiest.
*now that i have a backyard, i need a garden with veggies and flowers. plus a clothes line and a compost. remember to be green.
*ride my bicycle more and make sure my sister comes too.
*be less of a mess. i've felt pretty messy lately. i don't want to feel down i want to take life and make the best of it.
*spread peace, love and smiles.
p.s. i checked my 2009 resolutions and i did accomplish most of my goals for that year hopefully i stay on the right track for 2010. :)
peace & love!


jiorji said…
those are great resolutions :D I'll be your crafty friend. And that first picture is so GREAT!! and i love happy yellow walls :D
Chloe' said…
Awesome goals for this year! I have quite a few of them myself (^_^) I Love your den! I used to make them All the time for my little sister and I - i dont know why we stopped, i'll put it on my list! :o)

Congratualtions to your sister!

Have a lovely day (^_^)
Carlotta said…
agree on most of them, I need to "if possible, get out of having an office job" too!!
Happy New Year!
Hollie May said…
you're amazing, just so you know.
You are too fun!! Love the fort! xoxo
congratulations to your sis, and on your new home! i haven't even made my 2010 resolution list yet haha!

hope you get everything your heart desires this year.

still loving my prints ♥ :)
Polaroid soph said…
that looks like so much fun, i cant wait to own my own place so i can change the colors of my walls anytime i want!

unless you have a million dollars lyiing around its impossible to buy a house where i live :( where did you guys buy?

ps: the pineapple cut out of the tiber is the awesomest thing i have ever seen!
Stompface said…
oh my! i love your crochet blanket fort so so much!! I want to spend all day outside in a fort like that, how magical!

good luck with your resolutions! I'm feeling ya on the office job one!!!

i love the fort!

pushing the green-ness to an even higher level is on my to-do list for this year, too!

finally took down the xmas tree yesterday, peace owls now hibernating until next year...

OceanDreams said…
Yay, so excited that you want to continue your craftiness! Can't wait to see what you have in store!

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