Peace Owl Flower Fields Dreaming

This Peace Owl has been busy dreaming of fields of flowers to frolick in. I painted her the other day on scrap plywood while dreaming of flower fields and freedom. sigh. :)
peace & love.


jiorji said…
i think this owl should be named "Georgie" cos that's exactly what I do all day too. Sigh...flower fields..a few more months and we'll be together again :D
tess said…
Hi, I've noticed you used to follow my old blog. Due to some recent problems I have had to create a new blog. You can find me at the link above posting under "tess"

please stop by!

Marjorie said…
awww cute drawing
cute blog too
stop by mine some time :)
aw, makes me dream of spring! i hope you and yours are well. xo
red-handed said…
Owls are the new bears.
me and mr. peace owl have a lot in common! :) ♥♥♥
J for Joyce said…
haha cool!!
your flowers are so funnn

jess s//
OceanDreams said…
Very beautiful - I always love all of your colors, they make me so happy!

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