oh baby baby it's a wild world

on valentines day i turned 25. so did my twin sister. we went and spent the day at the miami metro zoo. we even got to bring the little sis who is now 6. she is the cutest and funnest little bird ever. hope everyone had a lovely valentines day with the loves they love.
peace & love!


jiorji said…
omg the zoo is one of my favorite places to go. I also like petting zoos. I think i like them more than little kids *blush* :D

hope you had a good bday with Jessica :D
Polaroid soph said…
I love the zoo! Happy bday strangers!
Anonymous said…
成功不是一個海港,而是一次埋伏許多危險的旅程。 ..................................................
Happy belated birthday! You all look like so much fun! xoxo
Jessica said…
cute blog! Thanks for checking out my blog. I just wanted to let you know if you want credit for FB Fanning and Becoming a follower you need to leave extra comments for them. This way you get 2 extra entries to win the cute giveaway! Good luck!
I love the zoo! What a fun time :)
forever said…
cute blog =) lovely pic. w/ the giraffe.

Peace & Love

Stompface said…
aw happy birthday to you both!
love that giraffe shot, giraffes are the best kind!

i hope you are super awesome fantastic!

happy birthday to you both! i didn't even know you had a twin sister--that's awesome! xo
Your lovely blog makes me smile :)
heatherjocross said…
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OceanDreams said…
Looks like you had an amazing time, cute giraffe!
Adele said…
oh happy belated birthday!!! i loooove giraffes. they are the most awesome creatures ever. xo
Anonymous said…
Oh, i love the outfit!
mina said…
that first picture is so awesome!

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