dear mary jane, you're a gem.

today i got a special package in the mail from one of my long time favorite etsy shops by Mary Jane. i actually won an awesome giveway on her blog for the necklace in the photo above. it is a lovely little cast twin crystal necklace. i feel so lucky to win this as i have dreamed of having one of her creations for so long. it seems unreal to actually win it and have it magicaly appear at my home. but a big thank you goes her way for being such an amazing and talented crafty lady with that special 60s vibe. below are more photos of the lovely items currently nestled up in her etsy shop. enjoy!
please check out mary jane's awesomeness for yourself at her shop and blog. you will fall in love i promise. peace & love!


i know i already said it, but many congrats on winning the contest, rachel! you so deserved to win.

i hadn't seen the ring in her store...i want!

hope you are doing well. xo
Hollie May said…
um AMAZING shop! can't believe you won stuff! congrats cute head!
Stompface said…
ohh lucky you! what a fantastic giveaway. I've been wanting a crystal like necklace for so so long! I will have to check out her shop and blog.

and Phoenixxxxx are SO amazing live, you are going to love them.


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