Greynolds Park Love-In Festival

this sunday i had my peace owl art at a super groovy festival called love-in festival at greynolds park in north miami beach. it is a peace loving 60s festival at a park that was once the hang out for the flower child in the 1960s for jam sessions, poetry readings and peace demonstrations. this was the 7th annual love-in festival and it was a fun filled day of peace, love, 60s music, art, vintage goods, hoola hooping, picnicing, flowers, sunshine, vw's and smiles. i wish every day could have that vibe. but i was glad to be apart of this one. you can see more photos on my facebook fan page. I took some fun photos of mr. peace owl and friends.
peace & love!


nikolina100 said…
looks SO fun! You booth is delightful!
tansie said…
Your stall looks amazing, i wish we had festivals like that in perth. I love all your owls, so cute.
Looks so awesome & fun!
Wish I lived closer so I could have joined in :)
As usual, your booth looked great!
you always find the coolest places to hang out! love the giant peace owl

that looks like so much fun! you are totally inspiring me to do a festival this season (seems like forever since i have).
loving your cute little romper, too!
Martine said…
Gawd I'm jealous, looks like so much fun over there, and besides that i'm still in love with the kind of paintings you make really original
Sophie said…
these pictures are AWESOME. i wish i could've been there

everyone please check out and follow my fashion blog please!

I promise you will enjoy it ;)
hafsa said…
you have the COOLEST blog ever! and im kind of obsessed with your peace owl :)
Rachel Beyer said…
Looks like so much fun! Love your booth!
Polaroid soph said…
wow this looks like too much fun, we'll be in florida for a week or so next year, where is a good place to camp?
I adore that owl!!!!! :D
You always have your area looking so fun and cute! I love the festivals you hook up with.
p.s. Ha! my word verification was "owlized" Had to share that. ;)
Little Lovables said…
wow, what a fun event!!
Patricia Snook said…
Wow! How fun! You're so utterly talented! I love the owl so much, if I had him, I'd call him Albert.

Have a fab week

looks like a fabulous time! lovely photos.

xo Alison
Giovanna ♥ said…
Loving the photos!! Look like you had so much fun!
Love it!!

Have a great weekend!
❀ ❤ ❀
i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow..
kelly ann said…
oh my goodness, your art is AMAZING! i love the colours so much. :) this looks like such a fun festival!

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