Etsy Crafty Party

These are some photos snapped at the Etsy Crafty Party that was held by my hometown. It was put on by the Hollywood Craft Mafia and it was at my favorite craft store Pearls. When I was little my mom would take us there and it always felt like Disney world. It is a huge craft store filled of treasures. This event was on June 18th (Etsy's birthday) and was meant to get crafty folks together to celebrate and be crafty together with those in your town and around the world. It was a great idea that was promoted on Etsy's storque and using to track the different meetups around the world. The top 50 received a goodie box from Etsy/ Readymade/ and Meetup, and we made the top 50! Woot, that was exciting. We had tons of fun at this party, the craft projects were create your own stamp, or sew a wristlet purse. The crafting supplies were picked up at a neat place here called Trash to Treasure a creative re-use center. I made the party hats and my friend Hollie of Blueberryshoes Art & Vintage made the fun photobooth w banners and fun props like scissors and a hot glue gun. Etsy sent the cute birdy- stay handmade backdrop. It was a great party and i hope many more pop up. Yay for crafty friends and Etsy! By the way, Happy Birthday Etsy! I love you.
Peace & Love!


Wow, this looks sooo fun!
Great photos, love the hats :)
xx, Jamie
Betty said…
Great pics, the party was fun, and it was a great group too. Yeah Etsy and Handmade!
Hollie May said…
dreammmmmmm timee!!!!!!!
chloejessica said…
Loved the crafty party! Your hats were super cute tooo! :)
What fun!! Congrats to you all for making that happen ( and making the top 50). xo
I just blogged bout yooouuu! :)
Silver Strands said…
So fun! I'm loving the party hats! I bet that was the funnest group of people to have a party with :)

Your blog is wonderful! Can't wait to keep reading!
Melissa said…
This looks like it was such a delightfully crafty and fun party!
a. said…
aww, such so lovely and your outfit, i really like it.
this looks like SO much fun! thanks for sharing all these lovely photos :)

xo Alison
the maisies said…
amazing playsuit! this looks like so much fun.
Suar Gazaroglu said…
i loved your blog i hope youll like my blog follow me!
kelly ann said…
oh my gosh how FUN! :)
Too fun!!
Awesome photos!xo
I got my package today! Love, love, love! Thanks so much :) :)
xx, Jamie
Aida Apple said…
Looks like you guys had sooo much fun! Great pics :)

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