Monday, June 7, 2010

Peace Owl Longboarding Free Bird

My friend Tatiana is moving to NC and as her birthday/ going away/ i'll miss you present i painted her a Peace Owl Longboarding Free Bird. This Peace Owl is hanging 10, or two stick legs. She is moving to NC with her BF Thomas and I can't wait to visit. I'd love to road trip there and find some adventures, enjoy the nature and run through some flower fields.
Peace & Love!


flowermash said...

NC is awesome, can't wait for you to visit!
Love your paintings, very inspiring :)

With Love, Jamie said...

I love this little owl!! :)

Regan said...

Aw! So adorable!! :) xoxo

our little love nest said...

So cute!! Loving the long board. Is she going to be in the Charlotte area?

rachel is a dreamer said...

dee, she is living near ashville. when ever i roadtrip there i will have to find you and visit you too! :)