Indie Craft Bazaar - Peace, Love & Craftyness

this sunday july 18th was the indie craft bazaar - peace, love & craftyness. it was a fun craft show held outside under a large tent at the cinema paradiso in fort lauderdale fl. it was a fun summertime craft/ vintage show with about 60 crafty folks selling handmade/ vintage and recycled goodies. It even had a tie die station. i designed the flyer and it was so fun meeting lots of new and old crafty pals. the day was filled with happy customers and smiles. it is so fun being surrounded by crafty folks all wanting to make local shoppers happy with the things they create. i have more photos on my facebook page including some of my crafty friends at there booths, including links to there etsy shops. check them out! i will be updating my etsy shop soon. i have a HUGE event at The Bubble this Friday Thee itty bitty Blazer Gala -part II it is a big art/ fashion/ music event. Click the link to see the invite also this is a nice write up by the New Times.peace & love!


i hope that the day was a success in every way!
and on a way less important note, you seem to have an infinite number of adorable rompers!
rouli said…

amazin blog u have here!!!!!!!!!!!

great style sense!!!!

lovely posts

pls come visit and join:))

It looks like so much fun. I need some craft show tips....eek. I have never done one before. I have no idea where to begin with display. I love your little bunting and the luggage you use to display your work. xo
practice at home dee! i know you will come up with something magical. if you want more tips send me an email i'll type away. Also here is a great blog post my friend hollie with the etsy team 'indie free spirits' put together with some great tips: best wishes! :)peace & love.
Jen said…
What a fun day!! I wound have enjoyed being there so much! Next time, I'll go with ;-)

This looks like such a fantastic event!
Carrie said…
that looks like so much fun!! you have beautiful funky art.

a friend told me to follow your blog.
so you have a new follower!

check out my giveaway going on!
Harmony said…
Hi rachel, just found your blog and just adore your work. you have a beautifully fun and creative spirit that is very inspiring! I love finding new fellow indie crafty floridians! I would love to connect sometime :) -

be blessed! i am now a happy follower of your blog. :)

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