Art Heart

Art with a heart, Art with a mission ♥ Here are some paintings i did for a lovely event called Art Heart. It was held at Stage 84 in Davie FL. The event had live music and art with procedes going to His House Childrens Home, an orphanage in Miami. To find out more about this event watch the video below. It is beautiful. I was happy to be apart of this amazing group of artists for a wonderful cause. This is the first of many Art Heart events. They are put together by Katya Neptune and Alexis Colbert, two amazing artists/ friends of mine. :)
peace & love!


Athena. said…
Oh, such a lovely post, thank-you so much! I am so pleased to have found your darling little blog, and I adore John Lennon/The Beatles in general (referring to your About Me.)
Love, Athena. xxx
Abby said…
aw you are a pretty lady!

and what magical owlssss!

I definitely want one for my house!!


p.s word verification is horsess!!
i like horsessssss
amy lapi said…
you are so wonderful! i'm so proud of you. :)

ps i hope to see you tomorrow! :)
Congrats on another showing, and even better for a good cause.
I tend to get wrapped up in utilitarian art (clothes, jewelry, bags etc) which is great, but lately I have wanted to also do art for the sake of art. So thanks for being an inspiration!
NabilaHazirah said…
Pretty! The paintings are very lovely,you're such a talented young lady.

SimoneV said…
Very beautifu.and inspirational. Love your work!!

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