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this saturday was a very magical Crafty Picnic at a lovely park in West Palm called Phipps Park. It had some beautiful trees, perfect for a nice shady place to craft under, also perfect trees to climb. I wish these trees were closer to my home. Or even if I could just have a tree house in one of the trees, that would be wonderful. This Crafty Picnic was put on by my crafty friend Hollie of Blueberryshoes Art and Vintage. She is very amazing and always puts together such cute crafty meetups. She also created an amazing Etsy Group called the Indie Free Spirits. Plus has a very magical Etsy shop of fairy tale art & fashion. She created the pine goddess crown i am wearing in a few of the photos. These photos were taken by Hollie and also Amy of Peace, Love & Cupcakes (another amazing crafty friend/ artist). It is so nice to be surrounded by crafty folks and events like this are really special. If you dont have one sprouting near you, start one up and spread the crafty love. I am very thankful to have these crafty friends in my community.
Peace & Love!


Hollie May said…
you're so cute and good to me ;) love you!!! sooo glad you made it, you added so much sparkle!
What a fantastic idea!! I love it :)
Looks like I missed a load of fun. I did spy an Odd Duck Bazaar flier on that table, thanks for helping spread the word ;)
what a cute blog! it was lots of fun!!! Glad you came! And yep, hollie rules.
jiorji said…
that looks like so much fun!! i daydreamed about that and i was there in spirit :)

those trees are some of my favorites. So inspiring and fantastic
Giovanna ♥ said…
Love it! How cute this is! ♥
Boho Market Blog
sara said…
all that bunting looks amazing
what a wonderful event, i hope someday i can go to something as lovely!
Such a perfect idea. I love it. It would make me feel like a little crafting wood nymph. Great photos!! xo
very cool! and i totally would have climbed up in that tree too! :)
Rachel! I saw you put up those prints, I SO want the yellow suitcase & the little camper ones! I am waiting on my money to clear in my paypal then I will buy them for sure...hope they are still available!
You make the cutest little things!
Peace&Love, Jamie
OceanDreams said…
What a fun event! I love the tree and it looks like you had so much fun! Hope you are doing well.
Rachel Beyer said…
wow!! Your picnic party looks amazing! I wish I could have come :)
amy lapi said…
this was so fun! can't wait for the next one :]

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