wild things

happy halloween
for halloween i was a wild thing, a mixture of max from where the wild things are, a fox, and inspiration from my kitty cat dandelion who is a true wild thing.
 i made a few ghost friends to hang out at the bubble. i saw a tutorial on merry may handmade.
and i made some paper mache pumpkin friends.
Now I am getting ready for Palm Beach Art & Music Festival (this Saturday Nov. 6th) and Mini Odd Duck RETRO & GEEK Show (Nov. 13th). Plus getting excited for the holiday cheer around the corner. Weeee.
Peace & Love!


Aww, you look great!! Love it :)
And I love your little pumpkins & ghost!!
Peace & Love!
xo, Jamie
Moe said…
So cute! That ghost is great too. Love it, love it!
What a great idea lovely! :))
amy lapi said…
ooh great costume lovebug! glad you had fun :)
aww, i love your costume! hope you had the best wild rumpus ever!

and have fun at the shows!

Betty said…
You make a cute wild thing & so does the kitty. Love your pumpkins too, especially the peace sign eyes.
Carolina said…
Cute ghosts and your cat looks funny!

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