palm beach art & music festival

 Gopi Bliss

Rose's Whimsical Garden
Here are a few photos from a show I did this weekend, The Palm Beach Art & Music Festival. It was the first annual and it was at Meyer Ampitheater in West Palm Beach, FL. It was a chilly (about 60 degrees, thats coldd for south florida) but FUN time. Held on a nice grassy field with a nice band shell all the vendors flowed around the field all surrounding the band shell. I shared a tent with my friends Liza of Gopi Bliss and Rose of Rose's Whimsical Garden. We had a great time at the show. I brought a few of the hoola hoops i made and spent alot of the time hoola hooping and keeping warm. A few more photos I took at the show are here. Next weekend will be the Mini Odd Duck RETRO & GEEK Show. Can't wait.
Peace & Love!


amy lapi said…
beautiful photos! your booth is amazing! :)
Dani said…
Your booth and your new blog layout both look perfect! Love love!
Shibby said…
I am so envious you get to go to these things! They look like so much fun :)
sara said…
everything looks so amazing!
i would love to go to such a cute festival
Giovanna ♥ said…
These photos are so adorable! Make me smile :) Love them! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, you have such a beautiful soul and I love to be your blog friend! ♥
Peace & love
Boho Market Blog
Betty said…
Your booth look great as usual, but I really like your hat! I'm going to try and get to the mini trunk show next week. Best of luck with your shows.
How badly I want to go to one of these festivals...
I love that you are rocking a fur hat in south florida! You all and the booth look adorable, so glad you had fun!
Sara Louise said…
amazing dress sense. love the boots
kirstyb said…
looks like fun xxxx
SimoneV said…
Wow, you create that stuff?
I daresay it is so gorgeous and unique!!!

Love it!!

Hope the festival was a success to you!!


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