art basel is magical


from december 1 to december 5th i entered a magical place called Art Basel. it is a huge art event that spreads to a few parts of Miami. There is the main Art Basel event which is huge and held inside a convention center down there, and then there tons of other events all over the area. Events spread from Wynwood area, to the Design District, to Miami Beach, inside gallerys, inside warehouse, inside lofts, on streets, sidewalks, alleyways, everywhere you turn is something to marvel at. My favorites of the days were the Peter Tunney Experiment and Rainbow City by Friends with You. Both were magical in there own ways, Peter Tunney's art gives off powerful and possitive messages and has a beautiful style. Very eye catching and inspiring. I wanted to live in his exhibit, it had a great 60s feel to it, not that i've been there but i can imagine. Another land I wanted to live in was Rainbow City by Friends with you. It was very magical. They filled a grassy field with large air filled friendly creatures and mushrooms. They were meant to inspire interaction, ritual and play. I think they were a huge success. I wish they would always be around for an adventure and a smile.
peace & love


Omigosh, I love that big old happy mushroom. Very cool and inspiring!

P.S. whenever you get a minute to do a custom listing for one of your mushroom bud vases, holler. I am not picky about color :) And if its easier to wait until after the holidays, that's fine with me, too.
Selena said…
So Funny! I was loving the Peter Tunney already, and then I read what has been my mantra for the last few months- "The time is ALWAYS now!" That's great! Dig the lil mushroom too! How FUN!
naomuack said…
awww so so lovely art photos <3
i love your word.
love and peace <3
That really does look magical!! I love the last photo!! xoxo

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