Travulous & Friends Spread Cosmic CHEER, Holiday MARKET and Intergalactic MUSICAL

live painting by Luzalma of DarwinAndTheDodo
Pin Lady & SMLL SPRK
Travulous and Friends Spread Cosmic Cheer, Holiday Market and Intergalactic Musical
Saturday December 18th was Travulous. I helped put together a special show at The Bubble filled with cosmic holiday cheer. The Bubble has become my second home, the people there are like my family. They are great spirited and always are supporting the art/ music community. They bring so much to the South Florida area. The events there are usually Art/ Music events. You will always go away with a smile. For this show I decided to round up some local crafty friends and add a Holiday Market. It was perfect having the crafty friends along with a play put together by the visionary Travis called Travulous and Friends Spread Cosmic Cheer and music from bands plus a dj. The play has characters like Travulous, Elfvis, Travaltron, Lollipop Girl, Cheerless Witch, Reindeer Girl (me) and an Intergalactic Band that really got you smiling and moving. The songs really were amazing like Cheer is in The Hips, and Cheer Up Cheerless Witch. They got everyone shaking their hips and twirling around. Some of my illustrations were used in videos (by VJ Dark Intersections) during the play it was really neat having them so big up there. The Peace Owl brought back the cheer at the end of the play bringing back cheer to the cheerless witch. It was very Magical. Also before and after the play we had some great bands play like Green Mantles, Retrocities, Radar, and Chris Horgan. The crafty friends (such as Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends, Humility Now, Feathers Divine, Time Peace, SMLL SPRK, Coma Girl, Recycle My Bag by Migdalia, DarwinAndTheDodo, The Hemp Butterfly, Stitch of Whimsy) were all around inside and outside, I wanted to make sure they were able to enjoy the event (the music, the play etc) and have a good time vending there goods at the same time. The very yummy Undergrounds Coffeehaus set up inside and had yummy coffee and treats. I didn’t set up a spot for the peace owls because I was busy being a reindeer and making sure cheer was all around. It was really lovely having crafty friends join the music and art at The Bubble. Cosmic cheer was all around. The music, the play, the crafty vendors, and the crowd all sparkled. It was a great night and we were blessed with wonderful weather after a rainy morning. Thanks to SMLL SPRK for fisheeye photos, Derrick Turner, Chloe Jessica, very few by me. ♥ Also see more in an album here. My next show will be Aura Music & Art Festival. I can't wait- 3 days of music, art, camping and fun. J   
peace, love & cosmic cheer to all!


amy lapi said…
im so glad it went well! it looks like you had a ton of fun. i'm sorry i missed it! see you soon :)
Wow, looks like soo much fun!!
You look adorable too :)
Wow!! I adore that snowman! The photos of your are just gorgeous. How is any one person so pretty?!! Best wishes for the holidays!! xo
kirstyb said…
awesome pics - looks like fun - very festive xxx

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